Stupidest Crimes: Burglars Leave Tracks in Snow for Police to Follow

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Burglaries don’t decrease in cold weather, but some cold weather crooks may want to think a little harder about covering their tracks – literally. Two recent stories illustrate this point: don’t leave Mother Nature out of your planning! I do think we might cut these bungling burglars a bit of slack, since both crimes occurred in areas that don’t see much snow, but still…The first incident occurred in Sheffield, AL:

Tracks left in the snow led police to two suspects who are now in jail after reportedly breaking into a Sheffield convenience store Monday morning, officials said. Sheffield police detective Chad Carruth said the two men are accused of taking 56 cartons of cigarettes, 24 packs of cigars and a donation change box from the counter. “They busted out the glass of the front door and went in and helped themselves,” Carruth said. “When our officers got there, they found sets of tracks leading from the back of the store.”

It Gets Better

Carruth said officers followed the tracks to one suspect’s residence, six or seven blocks from the business. “When officers searched the residence, they found cigarettes and cigars taken from the store as well as a pair of shoes that matched the tracks made from the store,” Carruth said. He added that the snow was about 8-10 inches where the tracks were left, which made it easy for officers to follow the burglars. “It wasn’t hard to tell which way they went,” Carruth said. “The officers were step for step with them right to the door of the house.”

That’s a lot of snow to leave tracks in – and it’s nice to see a crime solved so easily. Here’s thenext snow story, from Dalton, GA:

Police thanked Old Man Winter early Monday for helping nab two suspects in a liquor store burglary. Police said they arrested the two after following footprints in the snow right to the men’s door. Officers were called to Cox’s Liquor store, where someone had broken the glass front door. At the scene, officers found footprints in the snow: the footprints led to one of the front doors at Murray Avenue Apartments. Inside, officers found one suspect with a backpack that had five bottles of liquor. Five bottles of liquor were missing from Cox’s.

A Sense of Humor

“I guess a lot of the criminal element down here in Dalton doesn’t change its game plan for the weather,” said police spokesman Bruce Frazier. Frazier said the police department has tracked criminals by footprints in the mud before, but not snow.

It’s generally accepted that most burglaries are not well planned – and instead are random, opportunistic acts that in many cases involve drug use. But that doesn’t change the statistics: according to the FBI, there is a burglary every 14 seconds in the US, with an average property theft of roughly $2,000. FrontPoint is leading the charge to deter and detect these crimes, and here are some helpful posts that are worth the read:

As the nationwide leader in interactive, wireless home security, FrontPoint is committed to protecting homes and families all across the US and Canada – and in a good way, we’re making some tracks of our own.

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