The 5 Top Reasons Homeowners Prefer a Wireless Alarm System

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When it comes to home security, homeowners have undeniably proven their willingness to embrace new technology. During our many years in the business, we’ve collected volumes of feedback about the alarm system features customers consider most important. Wireless is #1 and clearly the wave of the future. While the “old-timer” alarm companies kept selling the same wired alarm systems they’d made for decades, a few pioneers changed the face of the industry by incorporating simple, but remarkable wireless technology. With the new wireless alarm system, finally consumers get the kinds of advantages they’ve been craving.

But what, specifically, do homeowners love about a wireless alarm system? Why is it the new must-have security technology? Here are the top 5 reasons:

Reason #1 – Safety

For an alarm system to be truly 100% wireless, all components must connect wirelessly, including the connection from the system controls to the monitoring station. That connection is, of course, cellular. If a company claims to have wireless home security, make sure that also means you get cellular monitoring.

Cellular monitoring is the critical safety component that homeowners value most in an alarm system. Wired systems use the home phone line, or sometimes the internet line, for that connection. These wired systems are vulnerable, primarily because of the line itself. A physical connection like a telephone wire can be broken. Crooks can cut the line prior to breaking in. Bad weather or construction projects sometimes bring lines down, too. The only safe connection is wireless (cellular) because it is virtually invincible. And isn’t safety the reason you buy an alarm system in the first place?

Many “traditional” alarm companies now sell cellular connectivity as a “back-up,” usually for an additional fee. The fact that they need back-up tells you something. But why pay extra for something that should have been there all along?

Reason #2 – Simplicity

Homeowners usually juggle multiple responsibilities, and the last thing they want is an extra hassle. Therefore, the second most important reason to get a wireless alarm system is its easy setup and operation. Wireless security sensors are small, battery-powered devices placed throughout your home, on walls, doors, windows or shelves. Setup is so easy that homeowners do it themselves in less than an hour. That means you don’t have to schedule an installation appointment! Homeowners already lose too much of their lives waiting for the cable guy or dishwasher repairman. A simple DIY wireless setup fits your schedule, and takes far less time. Best of all – no installation fees!

Reason #3 – Less Invasive

Even if you have the time to wait for an installation technician to show up, do you really want a stranger in your house? Homeowners tell us no, they don’t. In addition to the simplicity and convenience of the DIY wireless alarm system, homeowners enjoy maintaining their privacy.

Homeowners are also concerned with the condition of their home. Wireless security sensors are perfect because they don’t require drilling. No holes in your walls! One customer told us the wireless DIY setup was particularly important to her because her husband built their home himself. She wanted to maintain the integrity of that construction, without screwing security equipment into the walls.

Reason #4 – Flexibility

Since wireless security components are not permanently anchored in place, you can move them around, anytime you want. For example, one of our customers said a wireless alarm system was perfect for him because he was in the middle of a home remodel. He wanted the security of an alarm system during (and after) the remodeling project, but he knew that once it was complete, he would want to rearrange his security sensors to fit the new home design.

A wireless alarm system is so flexible, you can also add new equipment anytime. By contrast, a wired system would require a costly second visit from a technician, with more drilling and wiring. And if you moved to a new home, what would happen to your wired security system? It would have to stay behind. Your investment in that system would be down the drain. With a wireless alarm system, however, you can move as many times as you like, taking your entire system with you to your new location. Make sure you pick an alarm company that lets you reactivate at the new address for free.

Reason #5 – No Landline

Today many of us live with our cell phones attached like a third hand. Our home landline has become less necessary. Many customers tell us they’ve eliminated their landline altogether, not wishing to add that extra expense to their monthly bills. Since a 100% wireless alarm system uses a cellular connection to the monitoring center, no home phone line is required. Everything you need is already built into the alarm system.

Based on the input of homeowners like you, it’s clear that wireless is now the must-have technology in alarm systems. The industry has responded quickly, and now most alarm companies offer at least a partially wireless system. Remember that “wireless” should also mean “cellular,” so you get the all-important safety advantage of a cellular monitoring connection. Of course there should be no extra charge! Watch out for misleading ads with “great deals” – some companies hide a surprising number of add-on fees. To find the wireless alarm companies with the best track records for features, service and performance, simply check the customer reviews.

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