The Different Ways to Arm Your Frontpoint System

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The Frontpoint alarm system can be used in many ways and easily adjusts to your lifestyle and home security needs. One way it adapts is through different arming modes.  Each mode arms specific sensors, giving you different options depending on what you need or what you’re doing.

The biggest advantage of having multiple arming options is that you’ll get convenience, without sacrificing security.

Let’s take a look at the different arming modes and how sensors work in each mode, as well as a few situations where you might want to use each mode.

Arm Away

Arming in Away mode is the traditional arming method. In this mode, all of your sensors are armed.

When you use this mode, you are telling your system that no one will be home, and any presence should be treated as an attempted intrusion. Whenever no one will be home, you should arm in Away mode. All your sensors will be armed, so your home will be fully protected.

Arm Stay

The Arm Stay mode signals to your system that someone will be home, but the home still needs to be protected. This mode secures the exterior of your home, while leaving you free to roam inside.

A very popular, and most common, use for Arm stay is at night when everyone goes to bed. This allows you or your kids to get up and walk around to the bathroom or kitchen without fear of setting off the alarm. It’s also perfect for the weekend when you’re lounging around home or doing housework, and won’t be coming in and out of your house.

In Stay mode, Door and Window and Glass Break Sensors are armed, but not Motion and Image Sensors.

Sensor Bypass

What if you want to arm your entire system, but just want a single, specific sensor be “ignored”? You can do this by bypassing a sensor, which leaves that sensor in a disarmed state. Bypassing a sensor is really easy to do:

  1. While the system is armed, press the Bypass button
  2. Enter your Master Code
  3. Scroll to the desired sensor and press OK

You’ll need to repeat this process if you want to bypass other sensors. This is perfect for when you want to crack open a window with a Door and Window Sensor, or if you’re going to be opening and closing your patio door often for a barbecue.

Environmental Protection is Constant

Environmental sensors – Smoke and Heat, Water and Flood, and Carbon Monoxide Sensors – can never be disarmed or bypassed, no matter what method you use to arm or disarm your system. The sensors always remain armed to ensure that you’re protected from potential disasters at all times.

If you have any questions about the different arming methods, ask us below in the comments – we’ll be happy to answer.

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  1. Katie A.

    Can I arm away with no entry delay from the mobile app?

    • Katie Rynex

      Thank you for reaching out Katie, at this time this is not an option. We hope this was helpful!

  2. Craig

    If the motion sensor is tripped does the alarm go off right away or does it match the entry delay the doors and windows have? Basically, is the entry delay for ALL sensors?

    • Katie Rynex

      Craig, great question! If the Motion Sensor is the first sensor to be tripped, the alarm with sound immediately. If a Door/Window Sensor is tripped first and then a Motion Sensor is tripped second, the entry delay will begin. We hope this answers your question and ask that you please let us know if you have any other questions going forward.

  3. Devin Bousquet

    Is there a way to arm only part of your system to protect a detached garage at night? I will have the garage door sensor and a motion sensor in the detached garage. So at night I would like to arm “stay” in my house but have the garage motion sensor armed as well. Is that possible? My garage has windows someone could enter though without opening the door.

    • Katie Rynex

      This a great question Devin! It is possible to arm your motion detector while in arm “Stay”. Since it is not something you are able to do from the panel, we will have one of our Support Specialist reach out to you in order to assist you!

  4. Mike

    Is there a way to create arming “templates”? As in, can I have a setup where the “Stay” setting is alarmed + one specific motion?

    Is it still only possible to bypass from the console?

    • Katie Rynex

      Mike, at this time there is no auto arming function nor arming for specific sensors, however, we do have an “arming reminder” notification, as well as ability to change which sensors are armed under either mode. Also, bypassing sensors is still only a function of the panel. If you’d like some assistance with this matter, feel free to reach out to our Support Team and they will be happy to set this up with you. Thanks for the great questions!

  5. Carol

    Hello, in reality I needed a way of automatically arming the alarm at 11pm and disarming at 6am every day before my husband goes to work. I understand this is not an option with Frontpoint, that is fine. If we have to manually arm it at 11pm every night, no problem at all. BUT if we have to disarm it every morning BEFORE opening the door, most of the time the alarm WILL go on because my husband is very absent minded and will certainly forget to disarm it before opening any door. Is there anything that can be done in cases like this? Is there any sort of reminder or any alternative to this issue? I am NOT familiar with Frontpoint, this is all new to me. Thank you.

    • Katie Rynex

      Great question Carol! While you are correct that automatic arming is not an option, we do have a mobile app which could be used to Disarm/arm the system straight from your bedroom. While the app offers notifications for certain events and triggers, it does not have a “Disarm Panel” notification. In the past however, we’ve had customers use the Alarm clock option on there smartphone to create a similar notification. Hope this helps!

      • Liz

        Is frontpoint planning on adding an arming schedule feature?

        • Katie Rynex

          Liz, great question! While this is not currently a feature we offer, we will definitely pass your suggestion along for future implementation.

  6. Dave Selvig

    How can I set my alarm “Stay” without all the warning beeps and talking? My family comes and goes throughout the night and this is disturbing. I still want the beeps when we come in the house as a reminder to turn the alarm off.

    • Katie Rynex

      Dave, this is a great question! In order to silently arm your system you would simply press your desired arming mode followed by the “silent” button. This silences all the beeps while the system is arming and extends your exit delay from 1 minute to 2 minutes. Hope this was helpful!

  7. Paula

    My family & I all leave the house at different times in the morning. Is there a shortcut to disarming & rearming the alarm before we leave vs entering the code to disarm & then pressing “doors & windows” again to rearm before we leave? I’m hoping there’s a button to just press once to allow an exit, keeping the alarm set. Thanks!

  8. Vicki Troup

    Not sure if my question went through. How do you re arm your system that reads “forced bypass” when you have not by passed any sensors. I feel as though I don’t have security.

    • Katie Rynex

      Vicki, thanks for reaching out. We are glad to see that you were able to work with our Support Team in regards to your system reporting “forced bypass.” Please let us know if you have any other questions in the future!

  9. Vicki Troup

    Please inform me of how to cancel or re arming my system when I have not bypassed any sensor, but system reads forced by pass??

  10. Vicki Troup

    How to re arm a bypassed system that reads forced bypass, regardless of what you have tried.

  11. Molly

    What exactly does “no entry delay” do when selecting it at night in the “stay” mode.

    • Katie Rynex

      Molly, “no entry delay” means that if a sensor were to be tripped the alarm would sound immediately. When you arm the system “away” and a sensor is tripped you have a 30 second entry delay to enter the home and disarm the system before the alarm will sound. We hope this answers your question and ask that you please let us know if you have any other questions in the future!

  12. Scott

    Hi! I want to know how to exit a door, while leaving it armed for the rest of the day. I do not have the keychain. Thanks!

    • Katie Rynex

      Scott, when you arm the system you will have a 1 minute exit delay to leave the house before the system is full armed. When you return, you will have a 30 second entry delay to enter the home and disarm the system before the alarm sounds. We hope this answers your question and ask that you please let us know if you have any other questions going forward.

  13. Enrico

    Hi , I have the frontpoint security system. I am using the Qolsys IQ Touch Screen panel. I noticed that I can ARM(away) the system with the door opened. If i dont shut the door within 60sec , my alarm goes off. My question is, shouldn’t my system not arm itself if it detects a door or window is opened? I’ve noticed other alarm systems that all doors and windows must be closed prior to setting the alarm, is there an issue with my system or is it meant to be this way?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Enrico, great question! Your Frontpoint system is designed to arm your system even if a window is left open. This is what we call an “automatic bypass”. Let’s say you do leave a window open and try to arm your system- the system will notify you of that open window several times before continuing the arming process. It is programmed to assume you meant to leave that window open, but still arms every other sensor in your system. If you did not mean to leave a window or door open, your system will tell you out loud that it is, so you can go close it. Please let me know if you have any further questions about this!

      • Enrico

        Valerie, however, if the door is left opened, it isn’t bypassed. The alarm would sound off after the countdown. The panel doesn’t voice that the door is opened. All I have is a display box on the touch screen panel with a list of my sensors that will say open or closed and a box to check off if I want to bypass(however none of the boxes are checked). So this is why I’m wondering why does the alarm arm itself if a door/ window is opened and then the alarm trips if it isn’t shut?

        • Valerie Saponara

          Enrico, I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking here so I’m going to have someone from our Support Team give you a call so we get this all sorted out for you.

  14. Rosanne Mir

    How do I change the entry delay time?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Rosanne, this is something you can adjust on your account. If it’s easier for you we can also adjust this on our end so give our Support Team a call if you’d like!

  15. C. Watson

    How do you arm away with no entry delay?

    • Valerie Saponara

      C. Watson, there are two ways to arm your system “Away” with no entry delay, it just depends on which sensors you’re looking to arm:
      1) If you want to arm just your Doors and Windows, you will want to press the “Doors and Windows” button twice.

      2) If you are looking to arm your entire system, (including those Motion Sensors) press the “Motions” button once and then you can press the “Doors and Windows” button once.

  16. Alex Doe

    Why isn’t there a way to bypass a sensor via the mobile app?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Alex, this is not a feature we have implemented yet but is something we’re looking into. Thank you for this question.

      • D P

        So if you cannot bypass remotely via the app, what do you do if a sensor falls off or battery dies while on vacation or just away from the home?

        • Valerie Saponara

          DP- If you are away from your home, with the system armed, there is nothing we can do on our end for you to bypass any of your sensors. You would need to physically return to your home to fix this. However, if your system is disarmed and there is an issue with one of your sensors you can call us and we can bypass it for you. Keep in mind bypassing a sensor that is having issues is only temporary and as soon as you return to your home you would need to call us and we would need to troubleshoot that sensor to determine the next steps. Also a good thing to note is that our system will tell you months in advance of a battery dying so you should have ample time to get that addressed before leaving town.

  17. Tim L

    I am thinking of switching to front point but have one requirement. my current system has been customized so that i have one more alarm mode. at night when sleeping and i want the downstairs totally active (i know that i will not be going downstairs) everything is instantly hot. any door window or motion will immediately alarm. not an entry delay but immediate. can your system do this without resetting and manually bypassing every time?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Tim, setting up your system to only “Arm Away” (doors and windows and motions) with no entry delay for just your downstairs would only be possible if all your sensors were downstairs. If you had sensors upstairs as well, you would need to manual bypass all the upstairs sensors to leave the downstairs armed in the way you want it to be.

      • D P

        I have a similar setup. Can you customize each sensors delay time individually? Different locations have different delay needs. Windows do not need an exit/entry delay but entry doors do? The basement or patio door should be instant (0 delay). What about the glass break? Does that have a delay as well?

        • Valerie Saponara

          DP, good question! At this time adjusting a delay time for each sensor or sensor type is not possible.

  18. Jean

    Regarding bypassing a sensor, instructions state to set the bypass while the system is armed. Once I disarm the system, will this have the effect of cancelling the bypassed sensor, so that the next time I arm the system all sensors will be armed? Or will that sensor still be bypassed until I do some other programming? Second question, if I arm the system while I hold a door or window sensor open (and the speaker voice states “kitchen door open,” (for example), will this practice have the effect of bypassing that open sensor?

    • Katie Rynex

      Jean, great questions! If you disarm your system, all sensors that were bypassed while it was armed will clear. This means that the next time you arm your system all sensors will be armed. As for your second question, if you arm the system with a window or door open then the sensor left open will automatically bypass once the system is fully armed. We hope this answers your questions and ask that you please let us know if you have any other questions going forward!