Introducing the Image Sensor

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It’s an unsettling scenario: you’re lying in bed at night or away from home on vacation, and you receive a notification that motion has been detected in your home. Could it be an intruder? A hungry family member on the prowl for a midnight snack? That framed painting you thought was oh-so secure taking a tumble off the wall?

With Frontpoint’s new Image Sensor, no one has to just wonder nervously about what exactly is going bump in the night; they can see for themselves.

This unique device combines the motion detection features of our Motion Sensor and adds the ability to capture photos whenever motion is detected. Images are then available to view directly on their Touch-Screen Control Panel or via the Frontpoint Mobile App. Think of it has an easy-to-use, cost-effective alternative to video monitoring.

And while we know that you can never have too many pet photos, most animals weighing less than 40 pounds won’t trigger the system. That way, there’s no mystery as to whether it’s Fido or a bad guy moving around in your home.

The Image Sensor is available starting today! And it does require a Touch-Screen Control Panel, as well as Interactive and Ultimate Monitoring.

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  1. Tmariw

    Do the image sensors only work when the alarm system is in armed away mode like the motion sensors?

    • Katie Rynex

      Great question! By default, just like the motion sensors, the image sensors only work in arm away. Thanks for reaching out!

  2. Adam

    It looks like it’s worth more to get the image sensor over the motion sensor due to better angle (80 deg vs 90 deg) and distance (25 ft. vs 35 ft.) coverage.

  3. Arnold Klein

    Can I upload images stored on my iphone Frontpoint app to my Mac Pro Book?

    • Katie Rynex

      Arnold, thank you for reaching out! While you won’t be able to save and upload directly from the app, you can access the website from your Mac Book and save them directly to your computer from the website. We hope this was helpful!

  4. Gene

    Not as good of quality as frontpoint advertises on their website. But works.

  5. karen

    Why do you only get to upload 40? I understand not keeping more than 40, but if you delete one from your gallery it seems you should get to upload another

  6. TJ

    My image sensor pictures are dark. Can’t see a persons features. They are pointed at a set of patio doors.

  7. Michael

    When will you offer a sensor with higher resolution. Right now the pictures are very fuzzy and would never hold up in court if you needed it.

    • Katie Rynex

      Michael, we are always testing potential new products to add to our system. Once we have any new updates, we will be sure to let you know about them! Thanks for reaching out and please let us know if you have any other questions.

  8. Paul Lee

    How long is the battery life?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Paul, the battery life for that image sensor would be about 3-5 years. Also keep in mind anytime a sensor has a low battery your system will notify you about 6 months out before it starts to die.

  9. Nancy

    It seems like the 2 pics are of the same angle every time I see a couple of uploaded pics. Why is this? Also I’ve wasted 4 pics that were uploaded when the system was in armed stay mode. One only gets a certain amount of uploaded pics…how can this be avoided…of course I’m going to be moving in my home (when in armed stay mode)….

    • Valerie Saponara

      Nancy, once you position your image sensor all your pictures will be taken from that angle until you move that actual sensor to face in another direction. If pictures are being taken while you are in the home, we can address this for you and have our Support Team explain what is going on there. At this time we are having trouble locating you as a customer based on your comments and username. Can you please email us at when you have a second with the full name on your account so we can reach out to you? Thank you!

  10. Wayne

    How long is the delay between detecting motion and the first photo being taken? Thanks.

    • Valerie Saponara

      Wayne, good question! It is only a few seconds between motion being detected and a picture being taken on that image sensor!

  11. Louis

    What is the price for existing customers? I only see the description for new service.

    • Valerie Saponara

      Louis, currently the price for new and existing customers is $89.99 as it is just another sensor that can be added onto your current system at any time you wish. If you’d like to purchase one please let us know and we can have someone give you a call!

  12. Ron

    Can I view the sensor imager video with your app? Does the sensor work on Zwave technology or Wifi?

    Thank you,


    • Valerie Saponara

      Ron, great questions! Yes you should be able to see images from that sensor on your smartphone app. This connection is over cellular signals, so neither z-wave or WiFi is used here. Thank you for the comments!

  13. Earl Graffius

    What is the price? Does it do video as well as pictures? Where are the pictures stored?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Earl, the price for this Image Sensor is $89.99 and it only takes pictures that are triggered by motion. Once an image is recorded it is stored on your account. Please let me know if you have any more questions!

  14. Les

    Can this image sensor be used outdoors?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Les, unfortunately it can’t. This sensor has temperature and weather limitations that makes it only useful inside your home.

  15. Pam

    How long can I expect the infra red to last on this camera? I have a regular video feed and the infra red went out after 6 months.

    • Pam

      I guess I should say night vision

      • Valerie Saponara

        Pam, that night vision is good for the life of your 3 year warranty (contract). If anything ever happens to the sensor within those 3 years, causing it to break or not function completely, we will gladly replace it for you free of charge!

  16. Tom Hogan

    When using an Image Sensor, how is the data, voice, and video traffic on the user’s home wi-fi network isolated from the internet access granted for mobile app access to the photos being taken? To whom are we giving the ability to access our home wi-fi network when we use an Image Sensor?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Tom, great news! This sensor actually sends those photos through cellular technology so you’re completely in control of what information is being passed along within your home. Hope that helps answer your question!


    I’m intrested in cameras do you have any

  18. Tom Hogan

    When the Image Sensor triggers an intrusion alarm, how much time must pass before it will again take a photo when motion occurs in front of it again?

    • Gilbert Cho

      Excellent question! By default, the Image Sensor will idle for about three minutes after being triggered.

  19. Tom Hogan

    Does the Image Sensor only take pictures when the security system is “armed away”? Or does it take pictures every time it records an event, even when the system is not armed?

  20. Charles

    What is the night-vision distance? Are those just 5 IR leds I see below the motion sensor?

    • Gilbert Cho

      The night vision range on the Image Sensor is similar to its normal vision range of 35 feet, but is optimal at 15 feet.

  21. Martha V

    If we don’t have a touch screen control panel, does it take much to get it upgraded so that we can use this new Image Sensor? I currently have a motion sensor in my home but would love to have one that took images. I once had my alarm system catch something and I wasn’t sure if it was a false alarm or not. Since I work far from home, it was a nightmare driving there thinking of the worst possible scenario. Luckily it was a false alarm, but I feel that an Image Sensor would allow me to quickly assess the situation and have the authorities called ASAP!


    • Gilbert Cho

      Hi Martha, it definitely sounds like you could use an Image Sensor! I’ll have someone from our Support Team reach out to you to discuss what can be done to get you a Touch-Screen Control Panel.

  22. Veronica Davis

    I have 4 systems with Front Point. When a motion sensor goes off, its nearly always been because the sensor fell off the wall. Have re-placed tape with replacements from Front Point as well as super-tape bought from store. So most sensors end up on a shelf instead of stuck to the wall.

    • Tom Hogan

      Veronica….I have had the same problem with the tape not holding after a year or two. What I have done to resolve the problem is the following. I take a very thin nail (such as a finishing nail if long enough, or a longer thin nail such as used to hang pictures) and gently hammer it in at the height of the bottom of the motion sensor (keeping the nail at a slightly upward angle). Then I place the motion sensor (using tape) as I did before, but now also resting on the nail. That little extra support from the bottom prevents the motion sensor from pulling away at the top.

      • Jay

        the brackets for the new image sensors have holes that allow you to secure to a wall with a nail. I just received them several days ago. The adhesive the image sensors come with is just ok- not sure the pound rating. I stuck to a wood panel wall in my basement and they fell down, so I nailed them in place.

  23. Jim Forte

    I can’t find the price? Only if I order a new system. Why is it not a web cam?

  24. Christopher Marrero

    WOOHOO the Image sensors are BACK!!!!!

    I have on sitting on my wall waiting to be used 🙂

    • Valerie Saponara

      Christopher, trust us when we say we’re just as excited as you are! Give us a call if you want help making sure it adds in properly.

  25. Jay

    Thanks Gilbert,

    Most of your components take lithium batteries. Why only alkaline for the image sensor? How many images do you store? Are these stored locally on the control panel or are they stored on your server/cloud? Are there additional video’s or clips that you can see sample shots. The one page you show online is not sufficient. Also the tear sheet says to not mount near a couch a dog under 40 pounds may jump on. What distance is sufficient?

    The spec’s and literature for this product is not clear. Please provide this feedback to your product development team.

    thank you

    • Gilbert Cho

      Great feedback, and duly noted. I’m sending this over to them immediately and I’ll try to have answers to your questions ASAP!

  26. Jay

    What is the resolution or picture quality of the picture of the image sensor? Does the image sensor only take one still photo? If you placing the sensor in the corner of a room there’s a good chance it will sense motion 90 degrees from the device- and as soon as the image is in the sight line. This means you don’t get a direct shot. Can you confirm?

    Also why doesn’t the system take lithium’s?


    • Gilbert Cho

      Hi Jay, great questions!

      The resolution of the Image Sensor is 320×240. And it will take TWO still images when motion is detected, about a second apart between the shots. So to answer your question about getting a direct shot, the first picture taken may or may not get the picture that you want, which is why the second picture will be taken to get you another angle.

      Hope this helps!