Panic Button Keychains Put Safety at Your Fingertips

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The Keychain Remote helps you get the most out of your Frontpoint system. Let’s dive into how it works.

What is a Security Key Fob?

A security key fob or panic button keychain, like the Frontpoint Keychain Remote, is a small, portable device that lets you control your home security system remotely.

The Keychain Remote has four simple buttons and a battery life of up to five years. It’s a convenient way for you to arm and disarm your home security—just like a key fob you use to lock and unlock a car door.

How to Use Security Keychain Alarms

You can use the security keychain within 100 feet of your Frontpoint Hub to manage your connected home devices. The Frontpoint Keychain can also open garage doors and unlock other doors.

When you need to program your keychain, just call Frontpoint Customer Care at 1-877-602-5276.

  • Use the Lock Button to Arm Your Home.

    There are a few ways to use the Lock Button to keep your home secure. Simply press the Lock Button twice to
    arm your system in Away mode as you leave the house. Arm Away mode is the traditional arming method for your Door and Window, Glass Break and Motion Sensors.

    The keychain is also perfect for securing the exterior of your home when you’re inside. To arm your system in Stay mode, press the Lock Button once and hold for one second. Arming in Stay mode only arms Door and Window, and Glass Break Sensors. This allows you to roam freely throughout your home, while still being protected from outside intrusions. This mode gives you a 30-second entry delay and a 60-second exit delay.

  • Disarm Your Home with the Unlock Button.

    When it’s time to come home or disarm your system, just press the Unlock Button once. With your security keychain, you can disarm your Frontpoint system easily, without having to go to the Control Panel to enter your master code.
  • Press the Lightbulb Button to Turn on Home Lights.

    The Keychain Remote can control your lights if you’re using any Frontpoint Wireless Light Controls. Clicking the button with the light bulb icon will turn your lights on and off.

If you don’t want to come home to a dark house, hit the button when you’re outside and watch as your lights turn on. The Keychain Remote has a range of 100 feet, allowing you to light up your house from the driveway.

Use Your Keychain as a Remote Panic Alarm at Home

One of the best features of the Frontpoint Keychain is its ability to double as a portable panic button. To activate this hidden panic alarm, press both the Lock and Unlock Buttons at the same time and hold for 3 seconds.

The monitoring center will call you after receiving the panic alarm. If you don’t respond, they will immediately dispatch the police.

Who Can Benefit from a Key Fob?

Its easy-to-use interface and portable size makes the Keychain Remote perfect for every member of your household. And each remote can be personalized, so you’ll be able to see who is arming and disarming the system in your account history.

This Frontpoint key fob can also provide comfort to older family members. Using it as a wireless panic button for the elderly gives both you and them peace of mind.

When to Use Your Keychain

Some of the most popular reasons Frontpoint customers use their keychains include:

  • To Arm and Disarm
    As the name implies, the Keychain Remote was primarily intended to go onto your keychain so it’s always within reach. Keep it nearby to arm your system as you step out the front door or to turn on the lights when you come home.
  • To Make Sure Your Home Is Secure Before Bed
    Gone to bed only to realize that you forgot to arm your system? Not a problem when you’ve got your Keychain Remote by your bedside table.
  • To Keep Track of Your Kids
    To know when your kids are coming and going. Just give them their own Keychain Remotes so you can monitor their movements by viewing your system’s activity. Setting up unique user codes is another way to track your kids—with or without a keychain.
  • To Quickly Signal for Help in Case of Emergency
    A spare Keychain Remote is especially useful for backup or for emergency situations. Place one in a kitchen drawer or space where it’s easily accessible.

Frontpoint Keychain Troubleshooting

If you ever experience an issue or failure of your Frontpoint Keychain, the best thing to do is contact Customer Care at 1-877-602-5276. You can also refer to the user guide for a refresher on what each button does.

The Keychain Remote offers a lot of convenience and utility in a very small package, making it a great tool to manage your home’s safety on the go.

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  1. Shena

    So when my system says keychain closed or keychain opened by me then that simply means that I have opened and closed the door that has the sensor?

    • Katie Rynex

      Great question Shena! Yes, as keychain is the default name of your sensors, this is letting you know that a sensor has been opened.

  2. Mindy Padgett

    Does the key fob work with the standard plan and display box?

    • Katie Rynex

      Mindy, they Keychain remote works with all of our plans and control panels. We hope this was helpful!

  3. Aimee Neuman

    What does keychain failure mean?

    • Katie Rynex

      Aimee, Keychain failure means that a sensor is not communicating with the control panel, which can be caused by distance, a dead battery, or interference. We would like to assist you in this matter but are having trouble finding your account based on the information we have here. Please send an email to with the name on the account and we will have one of our Support Specialist reach out to you. Thank you for the great question and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

    • Shena

      because I don’t literally have a keychain remote for my system so you can understand how confusing that may sound to many. It scared me as if someone else has a keychain for my system and is accessing my apartment under my name. Why would you have something hard code named a keychain (the sensor) when you actually carry a literal keychain access remote. Sorry I am illiterate when it comes to computers and just needed to clarify that I am understanding this correctly?
      Also I noticed this comment below: do you screen your comments because you know that many of us with systems is because we have ex significant others that have been breaking in and mine happens to be this name: I wouldn’t want him to have any knowledge that would allow him to bypass it and still get in to my home with this very expensive 3-year home security contract that I am currently stuck in.
      Richard M – Jun. 29, 2016 at 1:12 PM REPLY
      What type of signal does the keychain remote use to communicate with the control panel? If the 120 volt power, or my wi-fi were to be disrupted would the fob still communicate with the control panel?

  4. Richard M

    What type of signal does the keychain remote use to communicate with the control panel? If the 120 volt power, or my wi-fi were to be disrupted would the fob still communicate with the control panel?

    • Katie Rynex

      Richard, great question! If you were to lose your wifi or power, all of your sensors would still properly communicate with your main Control Panel. Thanks for reaching out and please let us know if you have any other questions going forward!

  5. Tina Norris

    What does Keychain open mean?

    • Katie Rynex

      Tina, great question! By default, all of your sensors are named “Keychain.” “Keychain Open” means that one of your Door or Window sensors is reporting opened. Thanks for reaching out and please don’t hesitate to give our Support Team a call if you ever need any help in the future!

  6. C. Watson

    I have two of these keypads but every single time i set my alarm now it states “keypad failutre” but they work just fine. Its rather confusing and something I havent had much time to look into. Is there something that is causing this?

    • Valerie Saponara

      This is a great question, and it’s definitely something we can fix for you in no time. When your system is saying “Keychain Failure” it’s talking about one of your sensors and not necessary your keychain remote. “Keychain” is just the generic name we put into the system for all your sensors until you re-name them on your account. That being said, it sounds like one of your sensors is malfunctioning so we’re going to have someone from our Support Team reach out to you shortly to fix that for you. Keep an eye out for our phone call!

  7. Jerry

    I just became a Frontpoint customer. I bought a keycahin remote but was told by Frontpoint support that the lights function is not enabled in Frontpoint. Is this true or has anyone got this working yet?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Jerry, that light bulb function should be fully functional if you have our wireless AC light modules! However, the asterisks button is the button that is still being considered for different uses and is not functional at this time. Please clarify for me which button you might have been talking about so I can have someone reach out to you to address your AC light features if they aren’t working properly.

      • Jerry

        I have two lights currently installed in the Frontpoint system. Both light sets show up when I log into the Frontpoint web site and I have been able to setup rules for them. They show up on the Frontpoint App. How do I setup the keychain to control one or both of them?

        • Valerie Saponara

          Jerry, we’re glad to see you recently called in about setting these lights up, and it sounds like there were a few remaining steps we can help you with (including how to use that keychain remote). So we’re going to have someone reach out to you shortly to walk you through that process since there are a couple technical steps involved.

  8. Emily

    Just got my keychain remote, love it! Only suggestions would be a dedicated panic button instead of having to hit two buttons, and the ability to arm away with no entry delay from the keychain. But I do enjoy the ability to disarm it so easily when I get home each day.

  9. Andy Kramer

    These sound great! Being able to arm and disarm your system while in bed would be great. Especially in the winter.