Tips & Tricks: Getting to Know the Frontpoint Mobile App

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For many of our customers, the mobile app has become an indispensable tool. It’s loaded with useful features that make using your home alarm system a breeze. We covered one of those features – Geo-Services – in the last edition of the newsletter, so let’s take a look at some of the other great ways you can use the mobile app.

Control Your Lights

Ever forget to turn off your lights? The mobile app makes it simple to switch off the lights from wherever you are. From the home screen, each of your light controls are displayed, and you can control them individually. You can also control your lights all at once by clicking into the Lights settings, checking the boxes for all your lights, and then selecting ‘Set’.

Change the Temperature

If you own an automated thermostat, you can use the mobile app to control it! Enter the ‘Thermostat’ menu and you can adjust your temperature and settings. Controlling your home’s temperature remotely is a great way to save energy – and money!

Check on Your Home

Customers who own security cameras will get even greater use from the mobile app. Through the app, users can adjust settings on their cameras, view livestreams and motion-activated recorded footage.

All About User Convenience

We’re always looking to make things easier for our customers. As a result, there was a recent update to the mobile app that introduced a sleek interface and streamlined many functions. Take a look at the mobile app if you haven’t already (it’s free!) and you may just find a whole new way to use your system!

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  1. Andrew

    The smart lock control is no longer shows on the mobile app’s home screen. Has something changed with the app?

    • Katie Rynex

      Andrew, we are going to have one of our Support Specialists reach out to you to investigate that smartphone app! Thanks for reaching out and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  2. parks

    How can I setup systems for two separate locations and monitor from single mobile app, single device?

    • Katie Rynex

      Parks, we are going to have one of our Support Specialists reach out to you to help you set this up! Thanks for reaching out and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

  3. Steve

    HELP!!! (…is not available). 🙁

    Our mobile apps (2) on two phones and our online access to the frontpoint site stopped working at the same time today (logging in returned an authentication error). I called the help line and they said that we would have to wait until 8am to get this problem sorted out. Meanwhile, we can’t arm the system remotely or monitor the house’s cameras. 1) Frontpoint should have a customer service desk for problems like this available all the time and 2) how do we fix this particular problem? This is a major gap in the service and for a system that we use to protect our family and house, this is not comforting.

    • Katie Rynex

      Steve, thank you for sharing your concerns. We understand the importance of your peace of mind and ask that you accept our sincerest apologies. At this time all of customers should be able to log-in with the Smart phone app or website.

  4. Joe Messina

    Why doesn’t the mobile app allow one to set the alarm with the “no entry delay” option? It shouldn’t result in any more false alarms than the same option when used on the main control pad. I would very much like to see this option in the mobile app. When away from home I sometimes disarm the system remotely to allow someone to come in to water plants or for some other reason. I then want to reset remotely with the “no delay option,” but I can’t.

    • Jamie Botzer

      Hi Joe, this feature is presently only built into the Control Panel because there is a concern that users may accidentally trigger their alarm when they come home — say you forget to disarm your panel from the mobile app and just walk in. It’s not meant as a nuisance, only as a precaution to protect you from accidentally triggering a false alarm. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Julia Westland

    The light option isn’t on the home page of my mobile app. Can you please update my account?

  6. Hemal

    I am currently a FrontPoint customer and I absolutely love the system. I have installed several of the in wall light switches around the house. I can control these lights (on/off) from the app , but is it possible to get a quick status on app’s home screen if a light is on/off? It would be a really nice feature, we you can display the current status of the light.

    • Gilbert Cho

      Hi Hamal, great suggestion! A “light status” feature is something we’re seeing being requested more and more, so it’s something we’re actively speaking with about. I’ll be sure to update you if anything comes up soon!

      • George


  7. Sal

    I wish the mobile app for android displayed the accurate “state” of the lights. For eg: If I went to the lights screen, I could see in real time which lights were switched on or off. Currently there is no option for that, and I just have a choice of switching them off or on

    Another suggestion would be to have a widget in android where I could access particular lights. So I would hit the widget button on the screen, and that would trigger a particular light to come on for a configurable amount of time, say 5 seconds to 2 minutes. This works great and saves alot of time when I need to switch on a light immediately without having to wait for tha app to load and navigate the screens to switch on that particular light

    • Gilbert Cho

      Hi Sal, great suggestions! We’ve been receiving a whole bunch of suggestions from customers recently that are similar to your first one and we’re speaking with about it. I’m also a big fan of the widget idea, so I’ll be sure to bring it up!

      • chris k suggested...

        hi, what happened to the widget idea? it’s been a year since it was

        • Valerie Saponara

          Chris, nothing is set in stone, but our development team is evaluating this and other app updates. Thanks for checking in!

  8. MaRK

    I assume lights and thermostat can only be controlled via the app if you have a ‘smart home’? Otherwise, I don’t understand how it could possibly work. Pls explain.

    • Gilbert Cho

      Hey Mark, the answer is no and yes – I’ll try my best to explain.

      For lights, it’s simple as getting a Wireless Light Control and attaching it to your lights. Now it’s ready to be controlled remotely through the app (or! There’s also a more advanced option, where you can replace your current room light switches with ones that you can control remotely. (Compatible devices here:

      For thermostats, you must get a compatible programmable thermostat (found in the link above) in order to control it remotely.

      So no, it’s not necessary to have a ‘smart home’ or a smart home hub, but you will need certain devices in order to control your lights and thermostat remotely.

      Hope this helped, let me know if you’d like further clarity about the remote features!

  9. Thomas Gibson

    Does mobile app text me the moment my alarm would go on.

    • Gilbert Cho

      Hey Thomas! That’s correct! After you set up your notifications via or the app, the mobile app will send you an instant notification whenever a sensor is triggered. You’ll know exactly which sensor was triggered and when it happened.

  10. Ronald stone

    How long does the lights stay on once you set them

    • Gilbert Cho

      Hi Ronald, the lights will stay on as long as you want until you turn them off physically or through the mobile app.

  11. Ronald stone

    When r u going to get wave cameras so people who own a second home don’t have to have wifi

  12. Reny Easaw

    Need to download the app for BlackBerry z30. Can you assist. Thanks

    • Gilbert Cho

      Hi Reny, the mobile app is unfortunately not available for the Blackberry Z30. You can still access your system via, the mobile website for MyFrontpoint.

      I’m very sorry if this has caused any inconvenience. Let us know if you have any other questions!