Top 5 Home Security Resolutions for 2011

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I love to pass on good advice about home security and wireless alarm systems when I find it, like this timely tidbit that just hit my inbox: a short but pithy list of the top 5 home security resolutions from our technology partner, Their proven technology protects hundreds of thousands of homes across the US and Canada, and that number is ramping up quickly – with over two billion signals processed by their next-generation interactive monitoring services. They are clearly getting home security right. And as for their list of resolutions, it’s my pleasure to share it with you.

The New Year is of course a time for resolutions, and one definitely worth keeping is making better use of your home security system – not only to deter criminals but also to more conveniently manage day-to-day activities at your home. To help consumers do just that, offers five home security resolutions for 2011:

1) Personalize Your Security

Write down desired benefits from a home security system. What kind of security events would you like to keep track of? Beyond simply protecting the home against robberies, maybe it would be valuable to know when there’s activity in the basement or in a particular area of the house. Pick out places that matter to you and set up motion sensors for alerts on activity in those places. You can then receive real-time text message or email notifications of that activity and really know what’s going on at home when not present.

2) Use the Security System Every Day

Consistency is key to achieving many New Year’s resolutions. There are various ways to put a security system to use on a daily basis. Use  free home security mobile apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or other mobile devices to remotely control the security system while away from home. You can use the home security apps to make sure the system is armed (and if it’s not, arm it remotely), see which doors are open at the house and view a searchable event history. Also, set up unique lock access codes for other visitors like cleaning crews, dog walkers or neighbors by using a security system with home automation technology.

3) Focus on What’s Important

Look at the big picture. Is there something you’re missing? Maybe the worry is about kids being home alone. Utilize video security cameras to keep an eye on the home when you can’t be there. Use mobile security apps to watch live and recorded video remotely to see who’s coming up the driveway, for example. Or set up motion-triggered recordings through the home alarm system to see who’s at the front door whenever it’s opened.

4) Trust the Home Security System

Using a wireless security system that works through GSM cellular technology instead of a traditional landline connection ensures that even if the power goes out, the security system can still function and keep you aware of system activity. Wireless security systems also protect against the vulnerability of phone line cuts (a risk associated with broadband and telephone line-based security systems).

5) Manage Energy Usage

It’s easy to control energy management with your home security system. Have you thought about controlling your lights to give the home a lived-in look when working late? Or how about saving energy by adjusting thermostats when traveling? Using an energy management system integrated with the home security system, you can easily control your lights and thermostats and make smarter energy decisions.

FrontPoint builds technology in 100% of the systems we sell – and we specialize in the interactive services that established as the clear leader in the field, with features like their patented Crash & Smash protection, making an alarm system virtually undefeatable. As the nationwide leader for interactive, wireless home security, FrontPoint is proud to partner with in offering what every homeowner would like a little more of in the New Year: peace of mind.

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  1. administrative assistant

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  2. administrative assistant

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!