Top Four Home Security Trends for 2015

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Another year has come and gone in what seems like a flash. 2014 shaped up to be a big year for home security as it continued to integrate and crossover into the world of smart home technology.

There seemed to be a new startup company popping up every month introducing their new take on alarm technology. But the biggest security news of the year came from two of the largest global companies, as Google acquired Nest and Dropcam, and Apple introduced HomeKit.

The home security industry is in for a very interesting 2015, as companies continue to innovate and implement new technologies into their systems. Here’s some things to keep an eye out for this upcoming year.

The Camera-centric Security System

Pay attention to security cameras as they emerge as a focal point of home alarm systems. After all, it’s comforting to know what’s going at your home, and there’s no better way to do so than with a security camera.

Many startup security companies have designed their systems around a camera, making video-monitoring and live streaming the primary features. Other alarm companies, including Frontpoint, continue to integrate more video and image options into their systems to supplement the security sensors.

Increased Reliance on Smartphone Integration

As security camera use has become more prominent, it also makes sense that smartphone use for home security also has increased. And why not? It’s incredibly convenient to check an app to control your home alarm system.

You can view live camera footage, monitor the system’s activity and status, and more. And as new technology and equipment comes out, functionality is sure to be implemented into the app as well, adding further value.

Emphasis on User Experience

The user experience is important, and thankfully, more companies are recognizing that. Companies are focusing on their websites, apps, guides and other collateral to be streamlined and user-friendly.

Electric Fence Security

Just kidding. Here in the U.S., electric fencing is primarily used by commercial buildings for security. However, in Malaysia, it’s gaining in popularity for residential use. You can read more about this trend here.

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    This is a great blog. Home is very much important to me because most of time in day i stay outside of the home. So , home security is very much important.

  2. Pancho Cham

    As technology moves on to bigger things, security systems are tending to use more modern twists. I have noticed more and more systems coming out with apps that can control, and maintain your system. With more people having access to a smartphone, it does make sense to have apps like that. Thanks for the great advice and information!

  3. home security system

    Taking your time to find a trend on the latest home security matter is one of the greatest help some one like me could always want to be grateful of.Thanks for the chunk of good information you put here is so helpful.

  4. Abélia

    These home security trends are very interesting and I see that they are really catching on in home and commercial settings. It’s good to know that security systems are now integrated into smartphone technology which makes things a lot more convenient. Thank you so much for sharing this useful information on Home Security Trends for 2015.

  5. Travis

    Now that 2015 has wrapped up, how do you think you were in predicting trends?

  6. Nathan Johnson

    My parents own a small business and are looking into getting a security system for their office. I am looking around for different options for them. I thought it is interesting that an ability to integrate with a smartphone is becoming so popular. I’m not sure my dad can even use his smartphone! Either way, thanks for the info!

  7. Kael Drake

    I have been thinking about getting a security system for my home, especially one that works with my smart phone. Like you mentioned in your post, it’s extremely convenient to be able to access all of the security cameras and other systems from a distance. I also like the idea of being able to see what is going on in my home whenever I want. Is there a specific brand of security system that is well known for their smart phone integration? Thanks for your help in advance!

    • Valerie Saponara

      Kael, we offer a lot of home automation features along with our 100% cellular and wireless security system. Smart phone integration is definitely something we offer and are well known for. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  8. Steven Harrison

    Thanks for this article. I’ve been watching the home security system industry for a while now. I’ve had friends who have sold door-to-door for various companies. It’s interesting to see how it’s changing with smartphone integration, as you mentioned. More people are flocking to these conveniences.

  9. Johnson McGee

    I like how you said, “Many startup security companies have designed their systems around a camera…”. I’m having a security system installed at my shop. I think it will help safeguard my investments. For instance, i have lost of high-price merchandise. What sort of cameras should I use?

  10. Bill Barnett

    I have noticed lately that the future of security systems seems to be leaning towards computers and cameras. It is excellent that we are using this useful technology to not just surf the web, but to protect families. You mentioned that these systems should be focused on the “User Experience”. What do you think can be done to develop these products so that they are more focused on this end goal?

  11. Drew Harrison

    Getting your system synced to your phone is a really cool idea. Being able to see your home from anywhere in the world is really appealing! I know I would just use it to spy on my kids and make sure no parties are going on when I’m out of town. Thanks for posting this great list of info!

  12. Olivia Gilman

    Great post about home security trends. Your point about the increasing integration with smartphones and mobile devices is really interesting. It is incredible to me how far technology has come, even since I was a kid. Why not make your security more accessible. Greater accessibility=happier clients.

  13. Charlotte Eddington

    Your comments about monitoring live footage of your home is great. Smartphones are an awesome and easy way to keep track of the security of your home. We have a security system for our home and it is wonderful. If we forget to lock the doors or want to check up on people in and outside of the house, it is just a click away.

  14. Jim Sanders

    Things do tend to be trending towards smartphone integration in every domain this year. Some of the biggest problems with that, however, is that cutting the internet connection can disable a good chunk of the new security systems. I’m sure there are some systems that work around that, but such big changes also come with surprises.

  15. Graham

    Increasing the reliance on smartphone along with getting smart and advanced security systems for individual and security agency needs would be the next big thing in the security management industry in 2015 and the time to come.

    • Paige Smith

      I think so. Relying on your cell phone is a great way to check on your home while you are away. Lots of people have been discussing the idea that you can control things from your phone. However, I would be careful about that, only incase your phone is not working properly and you lock yourself in or something.

  16. Deanna R. Jones

    It’s really good to know about current home security trends. The safety of my home and family is my top priority, so it’s important for me to know about how I can make my home more safe and secure. I didn’t know that there’s technology that allows me to survey my home using my smartphone. It would be nice to be able to check on my home while I’m out of the house so that I can be sure that there aren’t any intruders in my absence.

  17. Ricky Margan

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  19. Ninz

    Home security trends continue to evolve and progress. I am Wondering to read these new trend. Thanks for sharing this great informative.