What’s Next in Movie Technology: These Will Overload Your Senses in 2014

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Hollywood is constantly evolving – whether it’s trying to land the next blockbuster or start a hot new trend.

One aspect of movies that is regularly changing, and not really thought about until Awards Season, is technology. As the summer movie season kicks off soon, now is time to get excited about the gadgets and gizmos that help movies seem (and feel) real.

Sight, sound, and even touch and smell, here are the movie technologies set to enhance your senses in 2014!

Laser Projection

IMAX theaters already boasted a movie-going experience with bigger screens and booming sound, and now they’re taking it a step further. For decades, movie projectors have used xenon electric-arc lamps to display the picture, but the brightness on these lamps faded over time.

IMAX is leading the charge of replacing this outdated technology by outfitting many of its theaters with laser projectors. Pictures and colors will be clearer and more vibrant than ever.

Where You Can See It – It’s a little early, but select IMAX and normal theaters around the world have already started installing laser projectors. The Seattle Cinerama is the first permanent commercial theater to install one.

Atmos Sound System

The Dolby Atmos promises to introduce an entirely new listening experience for moviegoers, with sound that will let you hear as the filmmakers intended. Theaters equipped with Atmos will have up to 64 speakers surround you – even overhead – to completely immerse you in the movie experience. The system will even allow sounds to move around the theater to create dynamic effects.

Sound plays a key role in movies, whether it’s creepy footsteps in a horror film or an epic score in an action movie. Unfortunately, the sounds of a movie often become ruined thanks to outdated theaters (or the noisy couple behind you), but Dolby is eliminating that problem.

Where You Can Hear It – You can find a list of movies using Dolby Atmos here, and find the nearest Dolby Atmos theater here.

4D: An Experience for the Entire Body

Sight and sound are usually the only senses you use while watching, but now touch and smell are joining the act. The first 4D theater in the U.S. (there are 91 theaters in other countries) is set to open in Los Angeles this summer and is adding physical sensations to 3D films.

Smells, mists and vibrations are added to correspond with the events taking place in an otherwise typical 3D movie. For example, seeing a splash in the ocean might send a mist of water in your direction, or you could smell gunpowder during a heated action scene. An earthquake taking place? Buckle up because your seat’s about to shake!

Where You Can Experience It – The first 4D theater aims to be open by this upcoming summer in Los Angeles. If you can’t wait, there are other options, but are limited in comparison to 4D.  Theaters equipped with D-BOX motion technologies feature only motion seating, but certain theaters have paired them with smell and mist technology.

This summer promises to be an exciting one for movie fans, with plenty of big releases to choose from. I’m personally excited for Guardians of the Galaxy – what movie are you excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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