Why Reviewers Love Wireless Burglar Alarms – And Burglars Hate Them

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Go to any home security review site and you’ll find reviewers generally in agreement over the Top Ten burglar alarms. They apply similar judging criteria, too: great customer service, a wide range of security equipment, competitive pricing and advanced wireless technology.

Today’s top-ranking security providers offer wireless burglar alarms. There can be confusion, however, between “wireless” and “cellular.” Wireless burglar alarms are not necessarily cellular as well. Alarm System Report helps to explain the difference: 

When talking about the word Wireless the alarm company is referring to the way their alarm equipment communicates with the other alarm sensors as well as your main Control Panel. The alarm sensors use a wireless frequency, much like a radio signal, to communicate to one another and to tell the Control Panel when to send an alarm signal. The wireless frequencies of an alarm system are usually proprietary – meaning they do not have the same frequency as any other wireless electronic device in your home…

Now, let’s talk about the word “Cellular”!

When an alarm company says they are completely cellular or are offering cellular monitoring they are referring to the way their alarm system sends alarm signals to the monitoring station. The different ways this can be done are via a phone line, internet and of course our current topic: Cellular. Cellular monitoring is the safest and most reliable monitoring on the market today.

The review sites agree – cellular connections between your burglar alarm and the monitoring station are critical, because they’re much more reliable than your Internet (broadband) connection, or your home phone line. Here is how 6Web.com puts it:

Monitoring Technology plays a big role in ranking the home security company. We want to see that they offer cellular monitoring. It is the new standard in the home security industry and carries the most features with it.

Let’s take a minute to examine the benefits of cellular monitoring, before we move on to wireless burglar alarm equipment. Reviewers love cellular monitoring simply because it’s safer. Compare cellular to the alternate, wired type of monitoring connection – a telephone line or internet cable – and you’ll understand why. Wires are vulnerable.

Ever seen a movie about a gang of crooks robbing a bank vault or museum? What’s the first thing they do? They snip the wires. Everyone knows that – even the entry-level, knucklehead burglar who wants to rob your house. As 6web points out, burglars are “creative and clever.” They’ve learned their way around home alarm systems, and they carry wire cutters.

That’s why burglars hate wireless: there’s nothing for them to cut! Cellular monitoring connections are virtually tamper-proof. And if there’s a security emergency at your home, you definitely want that alarm to reach the monitoring station, so they can send help.

Most alarm companies now have a cellular option, but for many it’s an “upgrade” that costs extra. FrontPoint Security, however, which is ranked #1 on more review sites than any other alarm company, includes cellular connectivity with every alarm system and every monitoring plan, for no extra fee.

Now let’s look at the other aspect of your wireless burglar alarm – the wireless security equipment. Alarm System Report says:

Wireless alarm systems are some of the best alarm systems on the market today. Not to mention they are much easier to install and take a lot less maintenance. Many of the wireless systems out there today have a simple do it yourself alarm installation. This means you can install your system in under an hour and have everything up and running in no time.

Homeowners love the simplicity of wireless. Since wireless alarm sensors aren’t physically connected to each other, or to the control panel, you can put them wherever you want and move them anytime. This extra portability and flexibility is especially important if you change homes.

The alternative? Wired burglar alarms require professional installation, which, of course, costs you money. It’s also a hassle to schedule the installation technician. The wired installation is complicated and time-consuming, and in the end you have equipment permanently drilled into your walls.

A Secure Life explains the simple steps of installing a wireless burglar alarm:

  1. Ordering and receiving your home security system package
  2. Installing the door, window, motion, and other sensors with the sticky pads (same pads used to hold heavy posters – these will last for years, you don’t need to worry about sensors coming loose and falling off the wall) that came with your kit, in locations behind doors and windows as illustrated in the instructions. You’ll also have access to a technician that can guide you through the steps if you prefer.
  3. Plugging in the control panel in an inconspicuous location.
  4. Calling your alarm provider and activating your system.
  5. Obtain a permit from your city (notify them of your alarm system).

Yes, the votes are in – and reviewers pick wireless burglar alarms with safe cellular monitoring. Top Consumer Reviews leaves us with these thoughts:

Home Security Systems are more important than ever before. Crime is on the rise in many areas of the country. Over 2 million burglaries occur every year, with the average dollar loss over $2,000 – not to mention the potential harm to personal safety. … As a result, most experts suggest investing in a home security system – preferably one that is monitored by a live service for the utmost protection…. Statistics show that the majority of criminals will choose a home without a security system and bypass those better protected.

Check the reviews yourself, and read the customers’ feedback as well as the opinions of the industry experts. Every home is different, so choose a burglar alarm that best fits your needs and addresses your specific priorities.

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  2. Sadie

    Thanks for the shout out to ASecureLife.com! We love Front Point!

    • Cassandra Leszek

      Thanks for the message Sadie and for reading our blog! ASecureLife.com is a great place for potential customers to find reviews on everything home security related – you guys really do give the good, the bad and the ugly about all security companies!

  3. Sadie

    Thanks for the shout out to ASecureLife.com! We love Front Point!

    • Cassandra Leszek

      Thanks for the message Sadie and for reading our blog! ASecureLife.com is a great place for potential customers to find reviews on everything home security related – you guys really do give the good, the bad and the ugly about all security companies!