Burglary Spike in Virginia Beach, VA includes Stolen Dogs

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Here’s a sobering story of a spike in residential crime during a short period – and all in one city. The neighborhoods that were targeted had been considered safe for years, which is all the more upsetting for the residents. And in one case, it wasn’t just jewelry and electronics that were taken: the intruders stole two dogs as well.

Virginia Beach police are investigating 21 Jan. home burglaries that happened in a span of six days. Those who live in the Bellamy Woods neighborhood consider it a good place for families, a nice area to live. So, when word spread of a burglary nearby, residents were surprised.

It Was a Safe Neighborhood

“It’s a Middle American, nice suburban area, which you have throughout most of Virginia Beach and you don’t expect it to happen,” George Hodermarsky said. Hodermarsky has lived in Bellamy Woods for nearly 15 years. “I can recall one or two incidents in the whole time, so yes, when it’s close to home it makes you think a bit and perhaps be more careful about making sure your doors are locked, garage door is down, not leaving things out,” Hodermarsky said.

What the Burglars Stole

In Hodermarsky’s neighborhood, nearly $2,000 worth of computers, video games and money were stolen from one home Jan. 5. The resident of the home told WAVY.com she plans to use insurance money to install a home security system. Several miles away in The Lakes area of Virginia Beach, burglars stole more than $4,200 worth of a family’s property, including electronics and a wedding ring.

We know all too well what burglars steal – here’s the list. And as for using the insurance money to protect a home with a monitored alarm system: what an excellent idea!

Dogs Stolen, Too

In the Salem Lakes area, some residents were shocked to learn what was stolen for their neighbors. “My neighbor came over. She was upset, said that somebody had broken into her house and took her dogs,” Charity Peregoy recalled. Peregoy is still a bit stunned someone broke into her neighbors’ home and stole their two bulldogs, Dolce and Red. “I think that’s maybe a little personal, on a personal level, like potentially someone knew the bulldogs were in there or that those dogs, those particular dogs of high price value, were in there,” Peregoy said.

It’s Not the Money

The combined estimated value of the bulldogs is $4,100 dollars, according to a police report. However, Peregoy says she knows family pets are priceless. She has two herself. Peregoy added, “I would be heartbroken…they’re like my kids. They’re a part of the family. We treat them like they’re one of us, so if somebody were to come in and take my dogs, I’d be highly upset.”

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  1. Kimberly @ ASecureLife.com

    We noticed there was an increase of crime in Virginia Beach and wrote an article with safety tips http://www.asecurelife.com/security-systems-virginia-beach/. I can’t believe dogs were stolen though. That’s terribly scary.

    • Peter M. Rogers

      Kimberly – we agree. People love their pets. That’s why we like the stories where the pets are returned, safe and sound. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Alex @ A Secure Life

    Wow, stealing dogs has to be an all-time low for a burglar. We agree that a monitored security system is the best deterrent, and adding a security camera as a “pet cam” you can use to keep an eye on your pups while you’re gone should help put your mind at ease.

    • Peter M. Rogers

      Alex – Agreed! And you might be surprised at home many FrontPoint customers already have a “pet cam” – the number grows daily.