Interactive Monitoring Means it’s Time for Santa Sensors!

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Protecting families and homes is serious business – especially around the holidays, when residential crime stats tend to spike up. But even those of us committed to the life safety and security business can appreciate a little humor from time to time: especially at this time of year. So, in the spirit of fun, the folks here at FrontPoint have concocted this fictional and fanciful press release to inform the world of our new Santa-specific line of wireless sensors. Of course, the use of these sensors fits in perfectly with FrontPoint’s smarter interactive monitoring services!

FrontPoint Security Announces New Holiday Home Security Sensors

Now you can know exactly when Santa and his reindeer arrive at your home! For generations, knowing when Santa and his reindeer arrived on your roof to deliver presents has been a complete mystery.  Since Santa delivers those presents only when everyone is sleeping, it’s been impossible to know exactly his arrival.  Today, FrontPoint Security, the leaders in wireless home security, announced several new home security sensors that will keep you in the know on that famous “Night before Christmas.”  This new line up of security sensors includes:

Roof Sensor: Detects the slightest weight of hooves, particularly ones that create a “clatter”.  Easily installs on your roof in just minutes, and looks like a traditional holiday decoration.  Perfectly designed not to be triggered by birds, squirrels, or other animals that may periodically visit your roof top.

Chimney Sensor: Detects if someone is coming down or up your chimney.  This amazingly sleek sensor includes an infrared feature that focuses like a laser beam on the classic Santa ‘red’ color.  With interactive monitoring, you can receive text alerts right to your smart phone if anyone is detected going down or up your chimney.

Milk and Cookie Sensor: These bite size little wireless sensors look like chocolate chips and pack a delicious punch.  Each bite and sip is tracked and monitored, ensuring that all the cookies and milk you set out for Santa aren’t gobbled up by someone else!

Sneak Peak Sensor: Now you can guard those presents under the tree from curious eyes before the big day.  If any tiny hands are detected opening a present before Christmas, our 120db Sneak Peak Sensor will play the holiday tune you select.

Thanks to the interactive capabilities of FrontPoint, you can receive instant email or text alerts from the moment Santa’s sleigh touches your roof top until the last reindeer’s hooves dash to the sky….making your holiday safer than ever before.

From everyone at FrontPoint Security….we wish you a happy and safe holiday!



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  1. Alan Draper

    Wow, you guys have thought of EVERYTHING!! 🙂

    • Peter M. Rogers

      Ha ha – well, we do try!

  2. Alan Draper

    Wow, you guys have thought of EVERYTHING!! 🙂

    • Peter M. Rogers

      Ha ha – well, we do try!