Police Use DNA Evidence to Bust More Burglars

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We know that home security technology has evolved, and so have the techniques that police use to match criminals to the crimes they commit. As for alarm system technology, the most advanced alarm companies now offer amazing technology to make you and your family more secure: safer cellular monitoring, remote arming/disarming capability, event notifications by text or email, video, and a full range of wireless sensorsthat provide true peace of mind. While all these advancements can help deter, delay, and detect an intruder, burglaries do happen. And when they do, it’s good to know that other technological advancements can help police bring the criminals to justice. One such method is DNA matching, being used increasingly across the US to link the perps to the crimes. Two recent articles clearly demonstrate this point – and I bet you’ll be as surprised (and impressed) as I was when I read them.

Blood Left at the Scene in Danvers, MA

When a crowbar to the back door didn’t work, John Cataldo decided to smash a window to get inside a Danvers home three years ago. Cataldo cut himself and left drops of blood on the curtains and sofa: now he’ll spend five years in state prison, after pleading guilty yesterday to a burglary that was solved with DNA evidence collected from those bloodstains.

The Actual Crime

On Oct. 1, 2008, the victim came home from running some errands and found a crowbar near the back door. Then she noticed her jewelry box near the front door. Police surmised that Cataldo heard the woman returning home and bolted out the front door as she entered through the back door. He left behind the jewelry box, which he’d taken from her bedroom and which contained thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry, the prosecutor said.

Jewelry, of course: it’s on my list of most frequently stolen items. And the fact that he struck during the day? That’s actually when most burglaries occur.

What Led to Cataldo?

Danvers police took samples from the bloodstains and submitted them to a lab to generate a DNA profile. That profile was then entered into a federal database of DNA profiles and was found to match Cataldo, who has a lengthy record and, as a result, had previously submitted a DNA sample. By then, he was already in prison serving time for a Middlesex County burglary. Once his five years are up, he will be under a court order to stay away from the victim and her home. He’ll also have to provide another DNA sample.

Another DNA Arrest – From Reading, PA

A Reading man is facing charges for the burglary of a Willow Street home more than two years ago. Investigators said they used DNA evidence to tie Daniel Lopez to the burglary. Lopez is being charged with stealing $7,200 worth of items from a home on Cobblestone Drive, according to Southern Regional police Officer Adam Cramer. Cramer noted that the burglar entered the house in a daytime robbery on March 19, 2009.

Another Match, and Another Burglar Behind Bars

“Blood evidence discovered at the scene permitted us do a DNA analysis, which eventually led to a match, who was Lopez,” Cramer said. “After many, many hours of investigation, we are able to charge Lopez, who is currently in the Berks County Prison.” He added, “This is a real testament to how technology can help us solve crimes.” Police said they plan to file charges Monday.

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