Wireless Security Cameras – Crime Spotlight: Burglars Caught on Camera in Columbia County, FL

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Home security cameras are the rage today: it’s easy to shop online for a video surveillance system for your home, although these systems are all over the map in terms of how they work and what they cost. It pays to do a little homework and ask the right questions, and I’ll get to that – but first, here’s a great story from Columbia County, FL showing what home security cameras can do:

The Columbia County (FL) Sheriff’s Office has released photos taken by a home security system that apparently show suspects inside a recently burglarized home. Investigators said the same suspects also are wanted for questioning in several other recent break-ins.

Suspects in Other Break-ins?

Since there was a pattern to these burglaries, including what was stolen as well as the neighborhoods that were targeted, the pictures taken by the security camera should come in handy. When it comes to what the burglars found tempting, it’s the same list I’ve posted on before, so little surprise there.

At least five residential burglaries have been reported in the Three Rivers and County Road 318 communities of Columbia County since Nov. 11. Items taken during the break-ins include electronics, jewelry and firearms.

Home Security Cameras Help Solve Crimes

What’s great about capturing images of the burglars is that they can be identified, and hopefully located and arrested. Fingerprints or other evidence may be traced to other burglaries, and these serial intruders usually stash their loot in one place, or use a limited number of “outlets” to turn the stolen goods into cash. All the police usually need is a place to start: that’s what these pictures provide.

Anyone who might be able to identify the suspects or who might have additional information about the cases may call Detective Todd Green at 386-497-2060. Anyone with information who prefers to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers of Columbia County at 386-754-7099.

What Should You Look for in Home Security Cameras?

The best home security camera systems have two attributes:

  1. Wireless cameras that communicate over your home Internet connection. The cameras are motion-activated, instead of recording 24/7. This way, when a camera senses motion, it creates a clip (15 seconds is good) that can be sent directly to your web-enabled phone or computer – and is also stored remotely where you can retrieve it later.
  2. The cameras also allow remote viewing from any web-enabled device. There are even apps that let you do this easily from your iPhone, Droid device, or Blackberry. That way if you do receive a motion-activated clip, you can log into the cameras and see what’s happening, real time. There are even remote-controlled pan & tilt cameras!

If you want to know more about what these systems do and how they work, FrontPoint is a great source of information. We’ve been selling and supporting home video for years, as an important part of our interactive, wireless home security platform. You can trust FrontPoint to keep looking out for you!

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