Wireless Security System Reviews Put FrontPoint Out Front

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100% wireless alarm systems get top marks in security system reviews, and FrontPoint Security is named the best of the best.

The home security industry has seen a major shift to wireless technology in the last few years. Even the industry old-timers, who steadfastly resisted the change for years, have had to cave in and give consumers what they demand. An alarm company is unlikely to succeed these days unless it offers a wireless system.

100% Wireless Leads the Pack

Most security providers now advertise “wireless,” but these ads can be misleading. Security systems have two primary elements: sensors that watch for danger, and the control unit that sends out the alarm. Many security companies claim to be wireless because they sell wireless sensors. However, they team those sensors with a wired alarm control box. That means their control unit must use the home’s phone or internet line in order to send out alarms. The reviews indicate that customers are no longer satisfied with any kind of wired components.

Why Wired Security Systems Fail

Today’s consumers are educated. They know wired connections are unreliable. Anyone with a home internet line will tell you it’s the last thing they want to depend on in an emergency. But the home phone line is vulnerable, too: to storms, construction projects and, most commonly, Mr. Burglar himself. It’s common for thieves to cut phone lines prior to breaking in, intending to render the home alarm system useless.

And let’s not forget the homes that have no landline phone. In December 2012, USA Today reported that more than half of U.S. residents had either eliminated their landline, or quit using it. Therefore, home security reviews increasingly recommend 100% wireless solutions, with cellular-based control units.

FrontPoint Named #1 Wireless Security System

The two main avenues for finding security system reviews are consumer websites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Angie’s List and Yelp, and security industry websites, such as A Secure Life, Security System Reviews and Best Home Security System. If you have a favorite online resource for local restaurant reviews, chances are they’ll include security system reviews, too.

A surprising number of these websites name FrontPoint Security the #1 alarm system provider. What puts FrontPoint out front? The refreshing safety and simplicity of a 100% wireless/cellular security system, paired with exceptional customer service and advanced interactive features.

Safety – 100% Cellular. Every FrontPoint Control Panel has its own built-in cellular signaling device, satisfying the customers’ demand for the safety advantage of 100% wireless security.

“I didn’t have a landline, so the cellular was perfect,” says a customer on Facebook. On Epinions we found this quote: “…it has kept on working, even when inadvertently unplugged and when our local phone service was interrupted for a couple of days.”  This CitySearch review gives us the true bottom line: “I sleep safe with this system!”

Simplicity – 100% Wireless. FrontPoint’s equipment, manufactured by GE Security, is entirely wireless, providing customers with convenience, flexibility and an extremely simple setup. The sensors have “peel-and-place” adhesive, so you can stick them on your doors, windows and walls without drilling.

“Their equipment is easy to set up (they do not charge extra for step-by-step, real-time, on-the-phone technical assistance,” said a FrontPoint customer on Epinions. A CitySearch reviewer agreed, saying, “This system is fantastic. Super easy to install, activation takes seconds.”

Outstanding Customer Service. Almost all the reviews we read mentioned FrontPoint’s amazing customer service and support.

“I have very rarely, if ever, received such consistently excellent customer service. Everyone at Frontpoint has always bent over backwards to accommodate my needs in a fast, professional, and friendly manner,” said a FrontPoint customer on Yelp. A Yahoo Local review commented, “… great customer support. You get to talk to a real person right away and they are very courteous and helpful.”

Interactive Mobile Apps and Remote Control. FrontPoint’s advanced interactive features are also hugely popular on the security system review sites. Instant alerts keep customers aware of all security-related activity at the house. Free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry enable them to use their mobile device to arm, disarm and check their security status from anywhere.

“I love that I can access all the information from my iPhone. I can arm the system, monitor my Zwave thermostat, turn lights on and off, and watch the security camera,” said a FrontPoint customer on Google Places. Similar sentiment was reflected in this review from CitySearch: “[FrontPoint’s] online monitoring and controls are amazing… I can monitor my doors, alarm settings and even turn my lights on and off from my cell phone!”

“I really can’t imagine going with a company whose technology is behind Frontpoint’s,” a Yelp reviewer concludes.

Other stand-out FrontPoint features mentioned on the review sites are their 30-day, risk-free trial, their home automation and video security camera technology, and their upfront pricing. The pricing difference was especially noticeable when compared to ADT, as reflected in this customer story on Facebook: “I shopped around all the Home Security companies available to me. ADT and Brinks showed similar price range quotation over the phone. however…. when sales person came to the house and showed me the same system as FrontPoint offered, the price went up to $2500 for installation and monthly fee of $120.”

That last Facebook review really illustrates the beauty of using review sites for your shopping guide. As we mentioned before, ads can be misleading. The prices you see online often don’t disclose the hidden fees charged by many alarm companies.

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