Burglars Steal Guns – New Orleans Police Officer’s Home is Latest Proof

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I hate to be right about bad news – it doesn’t make me feel any better when something I warn people about actually happens, and this recent story about stolen guns in New Orleans is a great example. What’s worse – the victim was a member of the NOPD.

Burglars took two firearms and bullet-proof protective gear from the Pontchartrain Park home of a New Orleans Police Department officer earlier this week, officials said. The officer reported to work Thursday at 8 a.m. and received a phone call from a neighbor 10 hours later telling him that his front door had been kicked in, NOPD spokesman Garry Flot said.

Once again, the incident happened during the day. That’s normal. So is the fact they the perps kicked in the front door, the most common point of entry. And even though many peace officers do choose to have monitored a home security system, this officer appears not to have taken that precaution.

What They Stole

The officer rushed home to find his belongings ransacked, Flot said. Among the items missing were a Colt assault rifle, a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun and NOPD-issued equipment including a Taser, body armor and a military Kevlar helmet, he said. Authorities are looking for two suspects driving a white vehicle in connection with the burglary, Flot said.

These are the last things we want to see in the hands of burglars. Either they will use them in future crimes, or sell them for quick cash to someone else we’d rather not see owning these dangerous weapons.

Burglars Do Target Guns

We know from countless crime reports that burglars steal guns – they are on the “short list” of the items that thieves look for in the home. We also know that there are steps you can take, if you keep guns in the home. This prior post on gun safety and home security has lots of useful information, and is worth the read. In this case, the stolen Taser and the body armor are just the icing on the cake.

We also know that not every homeowner will get an alarm system – and we understand that not everyone who keeps a gun at home at home will use a gun safe. The good news is that more and more people are taking of both these precautions, and that makes for greater peace of mind: not just for the homeowners, but for all of us. FrontPoint actually recommends placing a wireless sensor on the gun safe. With our Interactive level of monitoring, even when the system is not armed you can be notified is the gun safe is opened – by someone who has permission, or someone who does not. That’s just one more example of the features offered by the #1 ranked home security company in the US. FrontPoint is on a mission to make every home more secure, and safeguarding guns is a great place to start.



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