FrontPoint Picks: Highlights of the Winter Olympics in Sochi

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It feels like the Winter Olympics just started, nevertheless, tomorrow will be the official end of the games. Two weeks of competition have flown by, and there were plenty of incredible moments that will stick with us for a very long time.

Athletes pulled off incredible feats that I can only dream of doing, and the opening ceremony was a dazzling and visually appealing event. Of course, for all the amazing things we saw, there were still some moments that were downright silly and gave us a laugh.

This week, in celebration of these fantastic Winter Olympics, FrontPoint Picks focuses on the highlights from Sochi. Enjoy the recap and don’t forget to tune into the closing ceremony tomorrow!

  1. The Uneven Security in Sochi

    There were concerns about security heading into the Olympics, but thankfully, there were no major emergencies during the games. The concerns never fully disappeared, as security was inconsistent on a day-to-day basis.
  2. The Best and Worst Moments of the Opening Ceremony

     The Opening Ceremony was an event in itself. Here’s a look at some of the best and worst moments from the spectacular show that presented Russia’s history and culture in dazzling fashion.
  3. The Best View of the Olympics is From Space

    Cameras at the Olympics are positioned everywhere, from the corners of stadiums to the foreheads of athletes, so fans can enjoy the best angles and shots of the games. However, there is one view that everyone, save for an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, forgot about. Just goes to show that you can enjoy the Olympics from Space.
  4. How Olympic Photographers Get Such Stunning Images

    Behind every Olympic photo there is a talented photographer armed with a high-tech camera. This skill is truly an art form. Here’s the in-depth story of how Olympic photographers get their stunning images.
  5. USA Bobsledder Locked in His Bathroom, Destroys the Door to Escape
    One of the first Olympic stories to dominate social media wasn’t about an exciting finish to a race, an incredible performance, or anything else to do with the games. Nope, it was about how US bobsledder Johnny Quinn got locked inside his bathroom, and how he used the technique that got him to the Olympics to escape

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