Getting in the Habit of Using Your System

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They say practice makes perfect. We say practice makes peace of mind. As a FrontPoint customer, it’s important to make it a habit to arm and disarm your security system daily. You’ve invested in one of the safest and most innovative security systems, let FrontPoint protect your home and family, and give you peace of mind.

Manually Arming and Disarming at Home

Before you leave the house for the day, take few moments and activate your security system. You’ll have peace of mind during the day!


    • To arm the system when you’ll be staying in the home (stay mode), press the Doors and Windows button once. This will arm your perimeter sensors (door/window and glass break sensors), but not your motion sensors.
    • To arm the system when you’ll be away from home (away mode), press the Motions button once. This will arm all the sensors in your system.


    • To disarm your system from your panel, enter your 4-digit Master or User code to the panel.

Remotely Arming and Disarming with Keychain*

The next time you have someone visit you at your house, try letting them in remotely with your keychain.


    • Stay Mode (staying home): Press the Lock button once and hold for about 1 second
    • Away Mode (leaving house): Press the Lock button twice and hold for about 1 second each time


    • Press and hold the Unlock button for about 1 second

Arming and Disarming from your computer, tablet, or cell phone*

If you’re at work or running errands, try arming and disarming your system from a computer, tablet, or cell phone.


  • Go to
  • Select the Security tab
  • Press the Arm or Disarm button in the Arming Menu
  • Tablet/Phone App:
    • Open the app by clicking the App Icon (get app here)
    • Press the Arm or Disarm button in the Arming Menu

*Feature only available with Interactive and Ultimate Protection monitoring plan

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