Home Security Systems – Crime Spotlight: Kansas City, MO

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A recent article from Kansas City tells of a burglar admitting to multiple break-ins over a two year period, one of which had a tragic ending: during one of his burglaries, the homeowner arrived home, and in the ensuing altercation the burglar killed the homeowner (here’s a link to the story). I’m not writing specifically about the murder, which is clearly the worst part of this story – and would in fact have been prevented by a monitored alarm system to scare off the burglar and initiate a police dispatch long before the homeowner came into harm’s way. The main element of this report was that the burglar was charged for nine burglaries, but told police he had committed over 50 in a two year time span. Here is a link to a crime mapping web site for Kansas City – there may be a similar map for your city.

A man accused of murdering a television news editor told Kansas City detectives he broke into more than 50 Kansas City homes over the past couple of years. Grandison is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of items, including shotguns, rifles, pistols, laptops, televisions, electronics, cell phones and other items. “While escorting Offender Grandison through the neighborhood, he pointed out six residences he broke into,” the detective wrote in the probable cause statement. “However, he advised he had probably broken into over 50-plus houses throughout the Kansas City area during the last couple of years.”

For one thing, the list of stolen items supports my prior blog on the “hot” items targeted by intruders, so you may want to refer back to that post. In addition, the means of entry clearly deserves some scrutiny. In our neighborhood in Washington, DC there have been several recent incidents of burglars breaking windows with a rock or brick to gauge the reaction. We have now added more glass break sensors to our own system.

Grandison broke into the homes through unlocked doors and windows and other means. He pried doors and windows open, kicked in doors and tossed bricks through windows, according to court documents. Most of the burglaries in which Grandison was recently charged occurred during daytime hours. In a 2008 burglary attempt where a brick was tossed trough a window, Grandison said he didn’t burglarize that home because an alarm went off and he feared a neighbor saw him.

It’s clearly good news that a serial burglar – and murderer – is behind bars, hopefully for a long time. At the same time, it’s a shame that it took 50 burglaries and a homicide before he was stopped – since in the case of the one home that had a burglar alarm, he admitted that he did not break-in. It is precisely because of stories like this one that FrontPoint is so committed to providing safer, smarter, simpler, and more affordable wireless home security across the US. Your safety and peace of mind inspire us to work hard at what we do – and if more people were aware of what even a basic alarm system can accomplish, then we would all be safer. Please pass it on.

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