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I’ve been posting on spikes in property crime around the US: when a news headline describes a particular community experiencing a rash of burglaries, you’ll read about it here. Today’s spotlight falls on Lubbock, TX, home of Texas Tech University. Some Lubbock neighborhoods have suffered more than others, but in the month of September alone, 414 city residents filed burglary reports. The trend has continued from 2009, as some neighborhoods have been hit harder than others: Tech Terrace, Overton, and North Lubbock in particular. Here’s an excerpt from the recent news report:

“Burglars heavily targeted several Lubbock neighborhoods last month, particularly victimizing residents in Northeast, Central and West Lubbock, as well as near Texas Tech. Neighborhoods just east of Tech appeared especially hard hit by burglars last month, experiencing the highest number of residential break-ins for any single area, according to an Avalanche-Journal analysis of Lubbock police data.”

This story gets even better, since I found another Lubbock news story from just this week describing how a burglary victim held at gunpoint the burglar who returned to the scene of the crime. We certainly don’t recommend this approach, since a confrontation can (and often does) have an unhappy ending. We’d rather see a properly monitored home security system scare off the burglar, and allow the police to be notified. Here is some additional coverage of Lubbock’s crime spree.

“There’s always going to be a lot of burglaries where the college students are,” said Lubbock Police Sgt. Mark Watkins, noting they are common targets because they are known to have nice electronic items. For example, the stolen property was valued at nearly $2,500 in one of the recent cases, according to the crime report. The thieves entered an unlocked apartment of a 19-year-old woman and stole a 32-inch LCD TV, wallets, three Louis Vuitton purses and other items, including a Tech “Raider Card.”

Lubbock is far from the only jurisdiction with a problem, as can be seen in the FBI’s 2009 report on crime in the US. There is still a residential break-in every 14.3 seconds across the country, with an average property loss of over $2,000 – and victims of property crime (excluding arson) lost a total of $15.2 billion. It’s easy to see why one of my most popular posts is Top 10 Home Security Tips.

FrontPoint strongly believes in the deterrent power of a monitored alarm system. In fact, statistics show that having such a system makes you only one third as likely to experience a break-in as your unprotected neighbors. We know that an interactive, wireless home security system with safer cellular monitoring can help prevent that sense of violation that comes from being a burglary victim. It’s all about your peace of mind – and knowing that your home and family are protected.

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