Stupidest Burglar Stories – Handcuffed Burglar Drives Off in Police Car

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Today’s entry in the “Stupidest Burglar” series sets the bar higher (or lower, depending on your point of view) for perps that are clearly perplexed by the criminal process. We’ve had a quite a run over the past few months: burglars leaving tracks in the snow back to their homes, dropping cell phones and wallets at crime scenes, and even posting their picture on a victim’s Facebook account. It’s often tough to understand just what these people were thinking. Now we have a report from Harris County, TX, where an apprehended burglar took matters into his own hands – literally.

A suspected burglar managed to steal a patrol car after he was handcuffed and buckled into the back seat, authorities said.

Let’s read that again…

A suspected burglar managed to steal a patrol car after he was handcuffed and buckled into the back seat, authorities said.

Okay, that’s what I thought it said.

How It Started

The man’s short-lived joy ride began when a Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constable spotted a suspicious Ford pickup truck driving along Mossy Timbers in Atascocita (a northeast suburb of Houston). The deputy constable stopped the truck and ran the plates. It was listed as stolen. He searched the vehicle and uncovered a cache of apparently purloined electronics gear, authorities said.

No surprise that the loot came from the standard list of burglary items: cash, jewelry, drugs, guns… and electronics.

Hard to Believe

The deputy cuffed the man and placed him in the back seat of his patrol car. Then, he went back to continue investigating the stolen truck. “He turned around and saw the guy jump over the back seat to the front seat,” said Precinct 4 Capt. Wally Wieghat. Still handcuffed, the suspect drove the patrol car in reverse — striking a parked vehicle – then spun it around as the deputy chased after him on foot.

Eventually the suspect crashed the car, fled on foot, and was found while trying to hide during the ensuing search. He was taken into custody, and is now facing a variety of charges including felony escape and criminal mischief.

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