Stupidest Crimes: Burglar Flees Scene with Policeman in Back Seat of Car

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I’ve seen a remarkable string of stupidest burglar stories since I started tracking these, but have a new candidate for top honors. This amazing report from Chicago is a strong contender for setting the bar at a new low: believe me, you do have to read it to believe it.

A man is facing a slew of charges Thursday after allegedly attempting to rob a Wicker Park home, then taking off with a police officer in the back of his getaway car. Shakespeare District police Capt. Marc Buslik said police responded to a call of a burglary in progress. Two men allegedly attempted to burglarize a home but fled down a gangway and into an alley toward their still-running car when the homeowner gave chase, Buslik said.

Okay, so far so good. Burglars attempt to rob a house during the day, and someone happens to be home. Pretty normal so far. But then it gets weird.

This Part is Hard to Believe

Police officers found at least one of the suspects in the alley, Buslik said. He was Tasered after he allegedly punched an officer, the captain said. The other suspect (Timothy Davenport) allegedly continued to resist police and drove away as police tried to remove him from the car, Buslik said. One officer was thrown from the moving car while a second officer became locked in the backseat.

This is a great visual – a burglar fleeing the scene of the crime, with a policeman in the back seat of his car! Fortunately, it turned out that nobody was hurt in the process

Yes, it Does Get Even Better

While still in the car, Davenport allegedly kept swinging, hitting the officer in the backseat in the chest and neck before stopping and fleeing on foot, Buslik said. Several other officers arrested the still-struggling suspect in the 1900 block of West North after a brief foot chase, he said.

Not the First Time

What was this burglar thinking? That somehow he could escape from this situation? The answer lies in his police record – he clearly had a strong incentive to avoid arrest.

Davenport was charged with two counts of aggravated battery to a police officer, five counts of resisting arrest, two counts of reckless conduct and one count of residential burglary, Buslik said. A parolee, Davenport has a previous felony conviction for residential burglary, the captain said.

We know that burglars do return to the scene of the crime to rob the same house (sometimes even after serving a jail sentence).

As we’ve mentioned before, only one in five homes has a monitored alarm system – and with a home somewhere in the US experiencing a break-in every fourteen seconds, the odds are on the side of the burglar. It shouldn’t take this brand of bungling to take a couple of burglars off the streets: more homes need to step up to monitored protection that is safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable – and virtually impossible to defeat. That description happens to fit FrontPoint exactly – the nation’s leader for interactive, wireless home security. Bring on the burglars – even the smart ones.

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