The Benefits of Solar Energy

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Going green has become a very popular trend. As as a result, more people are turning towards solar energy. As one of the most recognizable ways to become more eco-friendly, we don’t blame them.

In the past 15 years, solar energy use has grown by 20 percent a year. The growth in use can primarily be attributed to the advantages that solar energy has to offer.

If going green and saving money sounds enticing, read on to learn more about the benefits of solar energy!

Benefits to the Environment

Adopters of solar energy are primarily focused on the environmental benefits and it makes sense – solar energy is a much more eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods. There are three major reasons why:

  1. Solar energy is a renewable resource. The sun will never cease to shine in our lifetime, and its power is harnessed without any effort. This means we can use it endlessly without having to worry about it running out. Oil on the other hand, is not a renewable resource – once it’s used, there no way to get it back.
  2. Natural resources are conserved. Every hour of sunshine on Earth supplies more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year. If more people switched to solar energy, it would drastically reduce the amount of coal and nuclear energy needed to power homes, thus preserving these non-renewable resources. Reducing coal and nuclear energy would also conserve water, since large amounts are required for their production.
  3. Solar energy creates no pollution. Harmful greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide are produced when oil is burned. All are harmful to the environment and contribute to climate change.

Go Green, Earn Green

The environmental benefits alone could be reason enough to make the switch to solar energy, but you’ll be happy to know that there also many ways it can save you money!

The initial cost of converting your home to use solar energy can be steep. There’s the cost of the installation, modifications to convert energy and the solar panels themselves. However, it’s in the long run that you’ll see the monetary advantages.

In just a few years, solar energy will be paying for itself. Remember, making use of the sun’s power is free, whereas oil is not. And the price of oil will continue to rise as resources dwindle. You will save considerable amounts on your electricity bill.

It also requires very little effort and money to maintain solar panels. The solar cells found on the panels work year round and they last for a very long time (most manufacturers issue a warranty of 20-25 years). In return for the longevity and efficiency, all you need to do is clean the cells once a year.

The final way solar energy can save you money is through tax breaks, and it’s a benefit that not everyone knows about. The federal government, along with many state governments offer tax breaks for homeowners and businesses that convert to solar energy.

Going Green with Solar Power

Solar energy is not the only way to go green, but it is certainly one of the most effective. Installing solar panels on your home or business ensures that you leave a smaller carbon footprint (and who doesn’t like saving money?).

And as more people transition to this green energy source, it’ll help slow the natural decline of Earth’s resources. Saving the planet and your money is a win-win.

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  1. David Shawn

    There are many benefits of the solar energy panels as they are most demanded in market because it is the most economic way to generate electricity.

  2. DBM Solar

    Solar powers are really a very helpful and beneficial way to generate energy for our home, or even our business. We can assure that we always have the source because it is coming from the sun. That is why we have to embrace this green technology and make use of its benefits.