Top Tips for Safe Gun Storage

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I’ve posted on guns as being high on the list of items frequently targeted by burglars. Guns often mean ready cash, which is what most burglaries are about. And sometimes the guns that are stolen end up being used in other burglaries, which is what scares me the most about guns being left unsecured. In this article from Denver, Colorado, a skilled carpenter and gun owner provides some great advice on guns in the home – and how to increase your peace of mind as a weapon owner.

I learned to shoot and to handle firearms safely as a teenager. My father was a police officer and also competed on the police force’s pistol team. I can remember always having guns around the house. My brothers and I were all taught the safety fundamentals at an early age. I still feel that education is the best tool for keeping weapons safe. Households that have very young children, however, need to take additional firearm storage measures, as curiosity often trumps learning and common sense.

Cabinets, Safes and Locks

One way to ensure that firearms are safe is to lock them away in safes, or lockable cabinets, or install locking devices on the guns themselves.  These are the preferred methods for those who have small children in the home, or the potential to have children visit.

Another equally effective way to prevent accidental discharge is to lock away the all the ammunition. (It is very clear that both the gun and ammo are needed to be able to fire.) One common concern with people who keep guns for home security is the availability and speedy access if needed. There are a number of firearm storage configurations that can provide both.  Some are even designed with “bio-metric” systems that can read fingerprints. With these types of firearm storage units, the need to remember a locking code in a high stress environment is eliminated.

Burglar-Proof Firearm Storage

Defending a home is only possible if you are there, though it may be a frightening experience. Preventing the theft of firearms in an empty home is another reason to own a gun safe. Keeping your firearms protected in a burglar-proof location, like a large gun safe, which can be too big to carry or is firmly bolted in place, can offer peace of mind.  Many of these firearm storage safes also provide some degree of fire protection. Unlike a basic cabinet which may have a lock to keep children out, a true gun safe offers far more security. A 500 pound gun safe may yell, “This home has guns,” but the chance of a burglar actually moving it, or getting in, is pretty impossible.

Receive Alerts any Time a Gun Safe is Opened

By the way, any alarm company worth its salt will recommend that you add your gun safe to your monitored alarm system, using a standard wireless door sensor. And with interactive monitoring, like that provided by FrontPoint, you can receive instant text or email alerts any time the safe is opened – even when the alarm system is not armed.

Finally, make sure you are doing everything you can so your home is not a target. Follow FrontPoint’s Top Ten Home Security Tips – including installing a monitored alarm system. Your peace of mind is worth a lot, and there’s nothing more important than protecting your home and family. And that’s where FrontPoint comes in: the leader in wireless home security, and the #1 ranked home alarm company in the US.  When you are ready for protection that’s safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat, FrontPoint is your clear choice. And we’ll even help protect the guns that help protect you.


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  1. Richard Williams

    Greeting, ” Peter M. Rogers” to sharing your top tips for safe a gun storage.

  2. Aria Wellington

    Gun safety was always a huge priority in my home growing up and it continues to be with my kids. We have a few smaller gun safes but my husband and I have been thinking about getting a larger one. Teaching our kids about how to be safe around firearms has really taught them a lot of responsibility! I will have to incorporate these tips into our safety, thank you for sharing!

  3. Roger Jacobs

    I know that getting a gun safe is a good idea, but I can’t figure out which type is best for me. I think the best for me is a combination lock. I total agree with you keeping gun maintenance high is key!

    • Lisa Hardley

      I too was confused that which safe would be good to protect the arms. One day one of my friends recommended me an electronic safe for keeping the gun’s safe . I would say that it is a nice way to protect the arms.

  4. Ron Sluder

    I am interested in a sensor for a safe

  5. Drew

    Great advice about having a large gun case as opposed to a smaller one. Unless you can bolt a lighter weight case to the floor, they won’t stop anyone from just taking the entire thing with everything in it, making it totally useless. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Đình Hạnh

    you can tell me what the best brand to buy a gun safe?