Burglars Trick Security Systems: Homes Lack the Right Alarm Equipment

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It’s bad enough that less than one in four US homes has a monitored alarm system: no wonder burglaries are up in so many jurisdictions! But what do you do when your home is protected by a burglar alarm, and the bad guys find a way to get in undetected? That’s the question police and homeowners are asking in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, an affluent northern suburb of Oklahoma City.

Nichols Hills police warned residents that thieves have found a way to bypass security systems.

As an alarm industry professional for over 20 years, when I read a sentence like that, I want to know more. Fortunately, the article goes on to provide the detail.

Background on the Crimes

Resident Gerald Neff said burglars were able to enter his home Sunday without any alarm. He said he and his wife came back from a relaxing vacation only to be confronted with the stress of a home burglary. “The drawers were all out and there was a mess on the floor. They had taken everything of value,” Neff said. The break-in at the Neff home was one of two recent burglaries in Nichols Hills.

How They Did It

Police said both homes have security systems, but the thieves managed to get in without tripping the alarm. In both cases, police said burglars remained in the one room of the home that did not have motion detectors — the master bedroom. “What we should have had were glass breakage detectors in that room. If we had had them, then they would have set the alarm off,” Neff said.

Great point – the appropriate placement of various types of sensors is familiar territory for good alarm companies. For those who are not familiar with the topic, read this post that specifically deals with how glass break sensors work.

Good Alarm System Design

Police said many alarm systems are wired so that they only go off when a window is opened, but not necessarily if it’s shattered or the glass pane is removed. They said many homes only have motion detectors in the interior rooms. “It’s a great system, but we just didn’t have the protection we needed back here,” Neff said. Police said resident can have their security company double-check their wiring and pay about $200.

Or, save money with a FrontPoint system: then you can add as many wireless glass break sensors as you need – for only $74.99 each!

Don’t Settle for a “Canned” System

Designing the best protection for your home is the result of careful thought and discussion: how your home is laid out, how you will use the system, points of vulnerability, etc. Sadly, many alarm companies sell a “one-size-fits-some” basic system for a deceptively low price. When the installer shows up, he or she will explain how the system you bought is not sufficient to provide the protection you deserve – or need – and then they “upsell” you more equipment, at inflated prices. Some homeowners get angry and send the installer away, but many pay too much just to get the peace of mind they expected in the first place. And the system still probably depends on a vulnerable phone line.

Make sure you get what you need up front, and that you are not paying too much. One way to confirm you are getting the right protection is to call FrontPoint, and discuss your home security needs with one of our trained Security Consultants. In just a few minutes, they’ll be able to design and quote an affordable home security system with 100% cellular monitoring. Best of all, you can set up a FrontPoint system yourself in about 30 minutes, on your schedule – and then add any sensors you want, any time.

What kinds of wireless sensors do people add? Smoke & heat sensors, carbon monoxide, low temperature, water/flood, garage door, additional doors and windows, or motion sensors. And of course, glass break sensors! The more protection you buy, the more you save. Add in our industry-best interactive monitoring, and you can see why FrontPoint is the leader in wireless home security, and the #1 ranked home alarm company in the US. When you are ready for safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat, FrontPoint is your clear choice.

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    Thank you for nice writing on Wireless Home Security – Burglars Trick Security Systems: Homes Lack the Right Alarm Equipment.


  2. Secure Home

    Thank you for nice writing on Wireless Home Security – Burglars Trick Security Systems: Homes Lack the Right Alarm Equipment.