What Happens When You Move?

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When you’re shopping for the best way to protect your home and family, it’s all about peace of mind. That’s why more people are looking for hard facts, and shopping on line for wireless home security in greater numbers than ever before. And they want transparency – not alarm industry double talk and web sites that hide the real cost of home security, or that don’t explain why cellular monitoring really is better. That’s why at FrontPoint we go out of our way to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision – whether you shop our site, or call one of our Security Consultants for a full explanation and a free estimate.

Some of the questions are really technical, but many of them come up again and again, like today’s topic. This particular request came from the “ASK PETER A QUESTION” link at the top of this page, and is one of our favorites – and after you read my reply, you’ll see why!

The Question

I would like to get an alarm system from FrontPoint ….I live in Seattle, but will be moving to Maui in 2 years….can I take the system with me? Thank you.

The Reply

Hello, Axel, and thanks very much for your question. We get this one a lot – since plenty of people are on the move these days, and want to know if they can maintain their peace of mind in their new home after relocating.

The simple answer is a resounding “Yes!” We have plenty of happy customers in both locales. In fact, FrontPoint makes it easier to move than any alarm company you’ll find. For one thing, we build a digital cellular radio into every system we provide, so you never have to worry about having a phone line – or about a burglar cutting your phone line to take out your security. Once you get to your new location, we just need to make sure you have a cellular signal there – and remember, we usually only need one “bar” of coverage, since your FrontPoint system is only sending microbursts of data. It’s incredibly rare that we don’t have coverage, especially with three types of radios to choose from (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon).

The Way Moving Should Work

The first thing to do when it’s time to move is tell us when the current system is coming off-line. Then, when you get to your new home, just put up your sensors again. We’ll happily send you more double-sided adhesive, so it should be even easier than the first time. Next, call us and we’ll activate your system again, the same way we did with your original FrontPoint system. And remember, if your new home has a different layout, and you need more or different sensors, we can help: with FrontPoint, you can add any sensors any time, up to 39 wireless devices!

You Don’t Have to Start Over

Moving a system with you just makes sense: after all, you already own the equipment, and it’s already proven itself with features and service you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. We also make it easy by not playing around with the dates on your monitoring agreement. In fact, we know other large alarm companies (who shall remain nameless!) that might promise to help you move, but they usually install a new system: you’ll probably have to pay something, and your contract will start all over again.

Why It’s Easier with FrontPoint

For over twenty years, the single largest factor behind customers canceling their alarm service is relocation. In many cases your existing company does not operate in the jurisdiction where you’ll be living, or the cost for the new system is too high, or the system requires you to have a phone line and you don’t want one anymore, etc. Or, and this is a big one, that old system of yours just does not do enough to help you feel protected and connected. That’s one more reason why FrontPoint has the highest customer retention of any alarm company in the US: almost every one of our customers who moves takes their FrontPoint system with them. We make it easy, and our customers love their interactive services. In fact, once you get used to a Front Point system, it’s hard to give it up!

You Can Add Sensors when You Move, Too!

There are many reasons why FrontPoint is the leader in wireless home security, starting with systems that are Safer, Smarter, Simpler, More Affordable, and Virtually Impossible to Defeat.  The ability to move a FrontPoint system so easily speaks to the “Simpler” concept, which starts with the true “plug and play” nature of our set up, and extends to the ability to add more wireless devices at any time. And remember, we cover the entire US and Canada.

So please contact us and we’ll help you get your own FrontPoint system. You’ll quickly learn why we’re the leader in wireless home security, and the #1 ranked alarm company in the US. And good luck with your move when it happens. I love Seattle, but Maui sounds very enticing!



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